XBox One How To – An Easy Way to Access Your Screenshots from Your PC

XBox How ToYou would think that with all the efforts the XBox One team made to create a social platform to allow you to be creative and engaged as you would want to be, that managing your screenshots and DVR clips would be easy. They have certainly made taking them easy enough; all you have to do is speak a quick command into your Kinect and the images are saved and backed up in the cloud.

To manage these, however, you have to use the UploadStudio app which does not always work and is actually limiting in the ways you can share. I have tried multiple times to save my screenshots to my OneDrive account but it has only worked once, while the rest of the time it gives me an error. The other problem is there are only a few ways you can share these images and none of them is via external email or any other cloud service. I would have also thought I could go to to access my images but they are not available through that interface.

Not surprisingly, there is a really simple solution. Use a third party site.

Yep. A third party site.

There are a few sites out there that do this, but the one I use is This site is fast, clean and very easy to use. Oh, and it’s free. You can upgrade to a paid version, but getting to your screenshots has never been easier. You just enter your gamertag and all of your images pull up within seconds. To download you just click on the image and then press the “Download” button and you’re off. There are even options to share your screenshot to Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit. Give it a shot.

Did I mention it was free?

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